Flu Protection Kit


When dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus and other flu outbreaks, it is important to protect the individual healthcare worker, veterinary or security personnel from exposure. The virus is only a number of microns in diameter and conventional protective garments and masks may not provide adequate protection.

We are offering a choice of two standard styles using two different materials.

The two styles of kits are (please note that the elastic used in the products is Latex Free to guard against Latex allergies):

  1. fully hooded coverall, WECR style, with zipper flap and elastic at the wrists and ankles, ear loop face mask with attached eye shield, two shoe covers and two vinyl gloves; and
  2. isolation gown with waist and neck ties, ear loop face mask with attached eye shield, bouffant cap, two shoe covers and two vinyl gloves.

The first material of choice is called SureShield. This material is a bi-laminate which uses a polypropylene spunbond carrier sheet laminated to a microporous polyethylene film. The PE film is breathable. This means that it will allow air molecules to pass through but will not let chemicals or viral bodies to pass through. It is splash resistant and will offer 100% protection against the flu if used correctly.

The second material that the kits are available in is called SMS. This is the same material used by doctors in the surgery to protect them against blood-borne pathogens. The material does have lower splash protection but in warm humid environments it will be more comfortable to wear. It is considered 98% effective in preventing the flu virus.

All kits include a surgical face mask with an attached polyester eye shield. The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of the masks is rated between 98.9% and 99.4%. The flu virus will not pass through these masks. If you are using a N95 mask (which means 95% filtration efficiency) then the virus will pass through 5% of the time. The eye shield is provided to protect the eyes from possibly receiving viral contact in the event of a patient coughing or sneezing. The wet and warm surfaces of the eyes provide a perfect entry and breeding ground for the virus and must be protected.

We are including gloves as a device to prevent cross-contamination when handling the patient or animal. The shoe covers will offer moderate protection from contamination on the ground or triage center.

In the event of a global pandemic, we believe that this protective kit and the ease of use is an important part of your personal protective arsenal.

flu kit 2flu kit 3

the hood cover the edge 2eyeshield without hood