Fuel Containment System

RUFIntegrated Fuel Containment System

Integrated Fuel Containment System

This state of the art self-healing fuel containment system is developed using a proprietary mix of poly materials to provide superior protection from

  • up to .50 caliber penetration
  • shrapnel
  • mines
  • falling from heights
  • fire
  • “tumbling” rounds

This superior product has a 400% faster turnaround than the competition on custom designed and manufactured fuel cells. It costs on average 30% less than the competition, making it feasible to equip more vehicles with this technology and potentially saving lives.

It is the only self-healing fuel containment system with a 15 year life span.


Fuel Tank


Product Testing

The following tests have been completed and have earned full pass ratings. The fuel containment system also outperform ratings when compared with the competitors' incumbent systems.

  • Mine Explosion Test
  • 65 foot and 80 foot drop test
  • up to .50 caliber round testing
  • IED and concussion testing
  • Burn testing - 5 minutes
  • Tear and tumble round in process
  • 15 year lifespan

Standard Fuel Containment System

Our standad fuel containment system is customised for each individual application and can withstand 7.62 NATO standard caliber rounds.

Specialised Fuel Containment System

The specialised fuel containment system is also customised and can be manufactured to accept large caliber hits and blast tolerances from nearby explosives.

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