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High End Reaction Bonded Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide Ceramic Materials

Safety and Defences Solutions focuses on developing and manufacturing advanced metal ceramic from mid to high end boron carbide (B4C) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) products at competitive prices targeterd at the Defense Armoring Market.


Our ceramic products are manufactured in Reaction Bonding technology (RB) - the product of unique ceramic registered IP & trade secrets together with the RB technology makes our products significantly less expansive than other manufacturing technologies, when compared to similar market offerings.


Our manufacturing partners are continuously investing in improving the products and the processes to continue to remain the most cost effective and competitive solution in the market.


Multi-hit Armour Tests

Test results before and after shooting Level 4 B4C armoured plate.

block before1 

- after shooting STANAG Level 4 standalone lightweight solution -

block after2

block after1


Reaction Bonding Technology


Ballistic Properties of B4C Tiles



Quality Assurance

All our products are ISO 9001 certified and there is full traceabiltiy from raw material to end product, with unique tracking numbers assigned to both the material input and heating processes. X-Ray inspection is also available upon customer request.

Products Available (different products and models are available upon request)


Advanced Personal Body Armour   Armoured Ceramic Tiles
Shield   variety

Monolithic Flat and Multi curved  ceramic plates, Compatible with NIJ STD, LEVEL IV and more,  with exceptional Multi-Hit performance at the lowest weight.


Our materials offer superior mass efficiency to meet up-to-date ballistic requirements at lowest weight and cost.


For Aviation Vehicles, Naval Vessels and combat vehicles.


  • Armor protection level can vary according to mission  specific requirements.
  • Can defeat threats up to  NATO STANAG 4569  level IV.
  • Tailored 2D and 3D shapes  and large mosaic panel  contours by Paxis IP bonding technology,  in stand-alone and  add on configurations. 
  • Elements are available in Square tiles,  Cylinders, Hexagons and Dome Shape.
  • The ceramic kits are machined to tight  tolerances per customer requirements.







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