P2 and P3 Particle Filtration Masks

The P2 and P3 masks are special variants of our escape solutions, which are designed for respiratory protection in environments containing high concentrations of particles. The masks are meant to protect users in situations such as emergencies in quarries and mines, sandstorms, eruptions of volcanic ash and certain airborne plagues.

The masks' construction incorporates several design features meant to provide maximum protection and ease of use. The rubber hood covers the entire head and seals around the neck, so the mask can be used by people with long hair of facial hair, even while wearing glasses (if necessary).

This hood provides protection not only for the respiratory system, but also the eyes, and is equipped with a large visor specifically treated against fogging. The respiration device consists of a complete mouth-nose piece which allows for comfortable breathing and prevents a build-up of carbon dioxide and humidity within the mask. 

The filters are fitted with electrostatic and melt-blown particle filtration layers providing P2 (>94% filtration) or HEPA P3 (>99.95 filtration) protection levels.

The masks come in a sealed vacuum pack and are compact enough to be carried in a work uniform pocket or in a custom pouch, making them easy to keep on one's person at all times, instantly accessible in an emergency.

In regular conditions, the mask can function for around 50 - 100 hours. Between uses (only if there is no risk of infection), the mask and filter should be cleaned with a 95% alcohol cleaning spray in accordance with the user manual.