CBRN Gas Masks - Military

CBRN Gas Masks - Military


Masks that provide a complete field of vision with maximum comfort, they are simple to use and can be put on and taken off quickly.

The design of the airflow passages in the masks prevents the accumulation of water vapour on the visor and affords the user a clean and clear field of view.

There are various models in this product range

  • Optional air blower set, which excels in its high air-supply rate
  • The masks come with various filter types for ABEK / NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical)
  • All filters meet the NATO Standard


The NBC Active Charcoal Protective Suit is developed for and used by military forces around the world. The suit is lightweight, quick and easy to put on, assures excellent mobility and provides protection against all known chemicals, liquids, gases and biological agents.

overall 2Piecea 2Pieceb.png

The laminated inner layer of active carbon is absorbent, durable, air permeable and comfortable over extended periods of time in a battlefield environment. The suit can be laundered, and provides long term economical wear.

  • Low level heat stress
  • Outer fabric "Nomex®", fire resistant , treated to withstand all liquids
  • Liner fabric – carbon impregnated foam laminated to nylon knit
  • Tailor made to the client’s specifications.

View the technical specifications of the NBC protective suit.


The Disposable NBC Protective Suit is made of transparent multi-layer polyethylene sheets.

disposablea disposableb disposable
  • Consists of a two piece protective suit: pullover top and trousers
  • The pullover top has a cut-out contoured hood which fits all masks, and a quick fastener for easy closing
  • The suit is light and allows complete freedom of movement
  • The protective suit combines excellent barrier properties and very good mechanical strength
  • High quality control standards: The protective suit is rigorously tested and meets all military and international quality standards
  • All seams are high frequency heat seal welded. The suit is packaged in vacuum pack.

View the technical specifications of the disposable CBRN suit.


Type I

Made of a special strong, flexible material, the overshoes protect against chemical and biological warfare agents for at least six hours. With a strong, thick sole the overshoes can be worn for prolonged walking without wearing down.

In the event of contamination, the overshoe has a grip on the heel for removing the overshoe without touching it with one’s hands.

Type II

Meant to be worn over shoes, the overshoes have an adjustable lace for easy fitting. These overshoes are meant for prolonged use by designated NBC forces.

The Protective Overshoes are for protection of the feet and as a supplement for maximum protection of the body, for use on top of any shoe.


The boots are principally intended for strenuous work and prolonged walking; they are made in several sizes. The boot's design makes it possible to walk stably on any type of surface.

Made of strong butyl rubber, the boots provide total impermeability to chemical and biological warfare agents for at least six hours. 


The Rubber Gloves are made of butyl rubber, which is strong, resistant, flexible, and especially thin, the rubber gloves give the user both dexterity and protection.

The rubber gloves are impermeable to chemical and biological warfare agents for at least six hours.

They are delivered with a set of Cotton-fabric Gloves. The fabric gloves absorb perspiration and are designed to be worn beneath the rubber gloves. The cotton-fabric gloves are soft and comfortable.



hooda hoodb

The Panoramic Hood for defence, police and emergency forces is a combined protective hood and blower system, providing a highly reliable level of protection, physical comfort, and freedom of movement, thus allowing extended wear under severe conditions. A blower attached to the hood provides air through two filters at a rate of about 90 litres per minute. It is powered by lithium batteries, providing at least 15 hours of uninterrupted operation.

A nose cup is integrated into the hood and provides a platform for the valves, speech membrane, communication and drinking devices. The hood consists of a head covering, a blower, two filters and batteries. It is made of a three-layer laminate, which provides complete protection against contaminants. A panoramic polycarbonate visor is integrated into the front of the hood, offering a wide field of vision and easy identification of the wearer, also allowing the user to wear eyeglasses under it.

The system features a drinking device and a communication adapter. It also includes a fabric carrying case, which has an adjustable harness for back or side carrying. The flexible hood offers a wide field of view. The mask is one-size-fits-all and is compatible with eyeglasses, beards, etc. This hood system is made of a transparent NBC protective laminate material.

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