Passive Fire Protection Bunker


The Passive Fire Protection Bunker is a military grade fire protection system that can be used to shelter civilians during a fire. Custom built and engineererd with heat and penetration shields, the shelter is resistant to fire, blast, moisture and impact damage. It is constructed with the modular DuraBarrier - a unique material commonly used in electrical and hydrocarbon protection applications with incredible fire resistant properties.


The shelter can be used as a refuge of last resort for individuals living in bushfire prone regions. Local councils could place them in natural parks, giving bushwalkers and tourists protection against potentially deadly fires.

WebImageFireProof schematic
Citizens taking shelter from a fire

The revolutionary DuraBarrier

Technical Specifications

  • The bunker is custom designed to suit each customer's unique needs
  • Can resist high winds including up to a Category 5 Hurricane
  • Available in importance factors of 1.0 or 1.15 if required
  • The barrier will retain 25% of its wind strength at 2280C for two hours
  • The shelter is designed to compensate for heat-caused expansion.
  • Available in several corrosion resistant finishes
  • Noise reduction of 29.7dB, with an additioanl acoustic package available to further improve noise reduction without jeopardising fire resistance
  • The roof can be marked for easy identification by air


  • Cost competive, as the maintenance free construction results in long term cost savings
  • Easily inspected for damage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rapid disassembly
  • Fast replacement of panels exposed to fire and/or blast

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