Evacuation Harness


RUFA light-weight and hands-free tactical evacuation harness.


Evacuation Harness is a light-weight, hands-free evacuation harness and compact tactical stretcher. It is simply the best solution for evacuating a wounded soldier in a battle, an injured pupil on a school trip or a civilian being carried downstairs out of a building after a disaster. This patented solution addresses many of the different evacuation and rescue scenarios for which there currently exist no solutions.

This innovative evacuation tool is designed to be imperceptible until the need arises. Weighing about 1kg and smaller than a loaf of bread, Tactical Stretcher is the preferred solution by experts for quick and efficient evacuation and rescue from buildings, stairways and all other narrow places.

With Evacuation Harness, two people can easily carry a wounded or a disabled person, hands-free, through narrow passages and stairways and move in places where wheelchairs and conventional stretchers are impractical. Evacuation Harness Pro has all the advantages of the normal model, with the additional ability to function as an evacuation blanket. Evacuation Harness Medic incorporates pockets for a medical kit (not included).

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Military Applications

If you use Evacuation Harness, it changes the whole picture. Two people can carry the injured soldier and still have free hands. With this tactical stretcher, you will lose fewer soldiers in the fight. Our product gives you the ability to use less manpower, or with the same manpower, be more effective in the fight.

Research performed by the IDF shows that the Evacuation Harness gives an evacuation solution to about 70% of injuries in combat.

Small teams – The harness' light weight makes it a perfect evacuation solution for small teams. Imagine a situation where a small team spreads out from the main force for a silent mission (like an ambush) a few hundred meters from the main force. This small force can not use a stretcher as there is not enough manpower. Evacuation Harness is the best tool for them. Weighing less than one kilogram, it can easily attach to one of the fighter’s vests, ready for use.

Urban battle zone – Injured evacuation from an urban area is quite a challenge, especially navigating through narrow pathways and stairways. It is impossible to maneuver with a stretcher even when the fight is over. Evacuation Harness solves this problem, allowing you to carry the injured soldier easily, while still having free hands to carry a weapon and grab a handrail or banister.

For more complex areas, you can use Evacuation Harness Pro It has an additional evacuation blanket that gives you an option to take the injured person from a very tight corridor, bathroom or even caves/tunnels.

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Mass Casualty Event Applications

In a mass casualty event, whether due to an earthquake, a tsunami, a war or a terror attack, the evacuation forces must be very efficient. Firefighters, Paramedics, Police or the Army must be prepared to act in unusual situations. Those forces have to evacuate injured, elderly and disabled people from complicated environments. In some cases they will have to evacuate tens and hundreds of people through narrow stairways, while others independently evacuate themselves by going down stairs. The situation is made even more chaotic by the evacuators needing to go up with equipment and down carrying people. This is the reason why it is so important to have a small, lightweight and effective equipment like Evacuation Harness to facilitate the rescue.

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