Corona 100 Safety Gas Mask

The Corona 100 Safety Gas Nask has a particle filtration efficiency of >99.995%. This is more than adequate for respiratory protection of a user, according to N95 recommendations and above, set by the American CDC.

In addition, the mask's inward leakage rating far surpasses that of the N95 respirator. Instead of maximum 10% of contaminants breathed that do not pass through the filtration system –the Safety Biological P3 mask has an average of 1% only – this is tenfold better than the recommended N95 respirator.

The masks come in a sealed vacuum pack and are compact enough to be carried in a work uniform pocket or in a custom pouch, making them easy to keep on one’s person at all times, instantly accessible in an emergency.

In regular conditions, the mask can function for around 50 - 100 hours. Between uses (only if there is no risk of infection), the mask and filter should be cleaned with a 95% alcohol cleaning spray in accordance with the user manual.

View Product Brochure in Chinese冠状100-安全生物P3毒气面罩.

corona mask image