Parachute Release System

RUFA revolutionary solution to an all too common battlefield problem.

Parachute Self-Release System

This Parachute Self-Release System is designed and built from the ground up to provide an effective solution to a common battlefield problem. In harsh weather conditions the parachute canopy may be filled with air, dragging and potentially flipping the load across the ground, thus making it unusable for troops.

This unique patented solution is easy to operate and cost effective. Two specifically designed units connect the parachute to the main load, and upon impact, the units immediately disconnect the load from the parachute.

Advantages Include

  • Minimal maintenance required
  • System can be resused
  • Cargo can be precisely dropped, even in severe weather conditions

The Parachute Self-Release Mechanism is Comprised of 2 Main Components

  • Ground Contact Release Device
  • Automatic Release Mechanism



Energy Absorbing Pallet System

This compact system allows for fragile equipment to be air-dropped without causing damage to the equpiment inside the pallet. Taking no more space than a regular pallet, this damping pallet absorbs the energy caused by the touchdown impact.

The system can be designed to cope with varying levels of energy absorption depending on the clients' specific requirements.


Equipment is attached to the folded pallet.


Pallet is moved through to the rear hatch.


System unfolds and pallet extends once airborne.


System is ready for touchdown and energy absorption.

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